Expat Services

During my 9 years of working experience with an International Company, that mainly focused on recruiting employees for the European Space Agency (ESA), I have been able to develop myself to the level of an “Expat Specialist”. During these 9 years I have worked with many Expats in many different situations. They have shown me the issues they ran into; they have asked me their questions and I have supported them. In this period I discovered that the requirement for support doesn’t stop when an Expat has signed his/her contract and found a house to live in. This experience showed me the need for a good Service Agency for Expats. “My Expats” during 9 years have taught me so much, that I feel I can now call myself a specialist in the guidance of Expats during their move to and their period of living in The Netherlands. With my services I can fully support the Expat as well as taking away some workload from the HR department of the Employer. My services do not only focus on moving to The Netherlands, I also offer you support during your stay in The Netherlands. The focus is not only on your Employment in The Netherlands, but also on finding a home in The Netherlands for you (and your family) My personal approach will allow you as an Expat (or your employee in case of Employers support) to find it easier to find The Netherlands to become your home. When you need to, I can offer you a full service on working and living in The Netherlands, such as:
  • Housing Service
  • Necessary permits (work and residence permits)
  • Advise on Law and Legislation in The Netherlands
  • Registration (City Hall, Social Security Number)
  • Required insurances
  • Information on the (sometimes) somewhat complicated Dutch Health Care System
  • Available Social Benefits
  • Rules and Regulations on foreign driving-license and/or driving a car with foreign license plates
  • Translating documents/forms from Dutch to English
  • Language courses
  • Crèche/school for your child(ren)
  • Sports Clubs
  • Dutch Culture and Social Events
Beside one-to-one sessions, I can also organize group sessions for Expats. During these group sessions you will get a group introduction on working and living in The Netherlands and this will also offer you the opportunity to meet with other Expats who just moved to The Netherlands. At the end of these sessions all Expats will receive a “Welcome to Holland” gift package, of which the content will remain a surprise. Should you as an employer want to organize a perfect induction for your new employees where they get all the information they will need to get “started” in The Netherlands, please do contact me to discuss the possibilities of a customized group or one-to one session. These sessions can be a perfect addition to the relocation package you can offer your Expat Employees.

Housing Service

De Zwart Expat Services is also offering a housing service to make the move to The Netherlands easier for you (or your Expat Employee) This service can be fully adjusted to your need and can exist of:
  • Finding suitable houses/apartments
  • Planning and accompany viewings of available houses
  • Review and advise on tenancy contracts
  • Accompany all other arrangements concerning moving house such as registering for Gas/Electricity/Water; Telephone/Internet; Relocating furniture; (re)decoration/renovation of your new home so it is ready to move in on the day of moving.

Additional Service

Once you have moved to, and are working in, The Netherlands, there can still be some situations in which you could use some support. My service will remain available even if you already moved to (or already have been living) in The Netherlands. When you need it, I can offer you support with:
  • Translating documents
  • Filling in documents
  • Financial and Legal matters
  • Support in events of which you are not sure of how this works in The Netherlands, such as marriage; divorce; pregnancies; crèches; schools etc.
Should you ever have doubts on how something works in The Netherlands or if you have any questions and/or problems, please do not hesitate in contacting me.