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How can de Zwart HR & Expat Services support you?
Should you not have an HR consultant within your company and/or does your HR Department need temporarily support? Please contact de Zwart HR & Expat Services and find out how I can be of service to you.

Being an entrepreneur, you want to focus on your key business. Employees are an important part of your company, however at the same time they can also be demanding and time consuming. Time that you might prefer to use to focus on your business. Outsourcing the HR services will allow you, even if you’re a smaller company, to have a professional HR Consultant available for your employees and, at the same time, allow you to continue the focus on your key business.

You can use the Services of de Zwart HR & Expat Services at the moment(s) that you feel you could need some support. This can be for a fixed number of hours per period, but there are several possibilities of delivering my services to you when you need them:
  • Advise on an hourly rate basis.
  • Fixed hours per period, allowing you to have an HR consultant available on fixed times.
  • Pre-sales, purchasing Consultant hours in advance and use them when required.
  • HR Helpdesk (also available outside standard office hours)
  • Projects (Based on quotations)
Outsourcing your HR work to de Zwart HR & Expat Services will allow you and your employees access to professional HR support even if this would be outside your regular office hours. Depending on your need and budget, I can offer my services both on fixed hours as well as on ad-hoc basis. This will allow you the availability of a professional HR Consultant at a relatively low cost.

Please find below a summary of the HR tasks in which I could offer my support to you.  Please note that you can also choose to only outsource part of your HR tasks.
1. Personnel Administration
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Check and register new employees (registering with authorities if required; register with tax office etc)
  • Register in and maintain your personnel database (if applicable) and personnel files
  • Preparing of salary administration for your accountant
  • Maintenance of correspondence and contracts
  • Coordinate training
  • All other employee administration

2. Sick Leave:
  • Reporting sick leave with the authorities when/if required (Arbo/UWV)
  • Case-management  and reintegration (in- and external) of employees on sick leave
  • Compliance with the Dutch law on sick leave (Wet Poortwachter)
  • Hold meetings with employees with higher absence frequency

3. Set up; guide and maintain appraisal processes
4. Setting up HR Policies and Procedures
5. Setting up an Employee Guide
6. Guide; support and exercise (appraisal)meetings with employees
  • Building up files and support during in case of non-performance of an employee
  • Support in severance/redundancy cases
  • Dismissal with immediate effect
  • Applying for severance permit with the Dutch authorities (UWV)
  • Termination agreement with mutual consent
  • Preparing the severance request for court (in cooperation with a lawyer)

7. Helpdesk for all HR matters such as: Collective Labour Agreements (Dutch CAO); Working Conditions; Secondary benefits; Law and Legislation for employer and employee.
8. Execute Exit meetings with employees.
De Zwart HR Services could create a perfect HR link between yourself and your employees. Being an employer, at some point, you could also be confronted with conflict situations, un-happy employees, dissatisfaction concerning an employee and possibly even redundancy. Fortunately Dutch Labour Law does provide the possibility and the tools to come to a good and professional solution for these situations.

Should you find yourself in such an unfortunate situation, than I can offer you my advice and support, based on my expertise and knowledge of the rights and obligations that you and your employee have according to Dutch law and legislation.

It will also be possible to outsource the whole process to de Zwart HR & Expat Services. During this process I can offer you my support on:
  • Disciplinary and Grievance procedures
  • Mediation
  • Evaluate and advice on the case file
  • Termination of employment with Mutual Consent
  • Dissolving via court
  • Dissolving via UWV (Dutch Labour Authority)