Danielle de Zwart

Danielle de ZwartAs the next step in my career I, Danielle de Zwart, have set up de Zwart HR & Expat Services in October 2012. During my 15 years of working experience as an HR Manager, of which 9 years in an international environment, I have developed myself to be a pragmatic and enthusiastic HR Specialist.

In Holland there are many entrepreneurs who do have employees working for them, yet they don’t have an HR Consultant (yet). I have taken the initiative to start my HR Service Agency not only to enable entrepreneurs, being a smaller company with employees, to distinguish themselves from their competition by having a professional HR “Department” available for their employees. But also because I believe every employee, even if working for a smaller company and every company is entitled to professional HR advice/support.

De Zwart HR & Expat Services would like to be the connecting HR link between you and your employees Having a pro-active and result driven attitude, I am keen on setting up a clean; clear and simple HR Policy of a high quality, with a focus on the H of Human Resources.

In my 15 years of HR experience I have focused, amongst other things, on: Operational HR tasks; Setting up an HR Department; Sick Leave and Reintegration, Severance and Redundancy, Dutch Labour Law.

My colleagues; friends and family tend to describe me as being spontaneous, driven; enthusiastic; creative; direct and hands on, which are exactly the qualities you can expect from me in my way of working. Within my work you will notice that I will live up to my promises. For more information about myself; my work experience; education and references, please take a look at my Linkedin profile